Friday, November 16, 2007

Lets see, today I have already dusted, vacuumed and done some laundry, fed, changed and put Gryffin down for his nap. How shall I celebrate? Have all my friends over to trash the joint of course! We were planning on going to the zoo today but its just a little too chilly to do that and my gosh, we can't go three days without hanging out so...
Even though I haven't had a shower and am still in sweats they are all coming over. Yeah, caught in sweats AGAIN. Now either I'm going to have to start getting up with Mike at 5:20 am or I'm going to have to invest in nicer sweats. I'm not one to feel comfortable going beyond my property line in them unless its to run an errand I don't have to leave the car for. I think this whole insecurity came about my freshman year of college when women weren't even allowed to wear sweats outside of their dorm or the gym. They even had separate gym hours for men and women so the guys couldn't lust after our sweaty, sweat clad, stinking bodies. This college was so uptight and conservative. I didn't fit in too well as you may imagine.
I was once told not to wear my Grateful Dead shirts anymore because they were satanic. Huh? What is so satanic about tie dye? Was it the skeleton that they were afraid of? Ooh, bones- scary. Anyway, I relented for fear of having to go back to hell and live with my egg-donor. Don't get me wrong, they still kicked me out. But only because I ran out of money. Just because they religious doesn't mean they are understanding or charitable. Go figure.

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