Monday, November 26, 2007

Tagged, I'm it

I usually don't do stuff like this but since Robin, tagged me and I plan on seeing her this afternoon I better respond. I'm supposed to share seven random things about myself and tag seven other people. I will do the first but I'll skip the second. Gratitude may be sent in monetary form.
1. My first record, yes- record, was a Barry Manilow. My taste in music has greatly approved but there is just something about singing, flashy, gay men that I will always find enjoyable.
2. I watch the Backyardigans even when Gryffin is in Day Out. They're cool.
3. I find Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs hot. Even when he's covered in disgusting goop and talking about poo.
4. I am really, really, really lazy. There aren't many things I would rather do than snuggle on the couch with a book, remote and blanket for the entire day.
5. I hate to clean. This goes along with #4. It used to be that I just wouldn't do it but then I would end up having to spend an entire weekend doing it. Now I'm just more efficient at it where I try and clean up as I go so I have more time to be lazy.
6. I used to practice a Christian based form of witch craft. Its not a weird as it sounds. It was a belief that nature could bring you closer to God. Prayers were written and then burned so the smoke would deliver them to heaven. Colors of candles and certain scents were used in combination to bring about certain results. Just so none of my family freak out, no- there wasn't any idols or devil stuff involved.
7. I hate cold pizza. I would rather chew on a shoe than eat leftover pizza from the fridge.

There, I did it. Now that you all know what a freak I am I hope you still like me.

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beqi said...

Cold pizza is awesome. You don't know what you're missing. :)