Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Any way you want it, thats the way you need it.

Tonight's conversation in the car on the way home from The Evil Empire's Bulky Twin, aka Sam's:
Mike: Gryffin is Mommy being silly?
Gryffin: Yeah
Me (car dancing to Journey's 'Any Way You Want It'): Gryffin do like it when Mommy's silly?
Gryffin: Yeah
Mike: Honey, I think your meds are working.
Me (still car dancing and now singing along with Journey's 'Any Way You Want It': You think so?

Personally, I think its just because before going in to Sam's we heard Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher'. Yeah, my music taste is a little off but so am I.

Oh and did I mention I'm typing this from my couch, with my feet up on my new laptop. My husband is so awesome. I think I will keep him around.

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