Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guilt ridden laundry

Java no longer resides with us. Yesterday he was placed for adoption at the local humane society. Our hearts are broken over this but there was no choice. Java was becoming aggressive, trying to become alpha male now that Mojo is chronologically challenged. He was playing too rough with Mojo and had even taken a couple nips at Gryffin. He never bit Gryffin but that was only a matter of time since Java saw him as next in line for the throne.
Our friends Beqi and the Eddies were here when Java left. I'm glad they were. I've never been one for friends. Friendship was always a lot of work for me, either trying to change myself to what they wanted or trying to change them to what I wanted. For well over a decade I had given up entirely. Now my friends will come to my rescue and make me laugh when I need it most. Heck, Beqi didn't even run screaming when I was losing it yesterday. You know its friendship when someone will give you a hug even though you have a snotty nose and projectile tears.
Gryffin has been pretty emotional too. He slept late this morning which I really appreciated but when he did wake it was with a short lived smile. Not like him at all. He asked where Java was and I reminded him that Java ran away. We are not telling him the truth as 2 year olds process information very differently than adults and I don't want him thinking that if he bites or misbehaves he will incur the same fate. Lying isn't right, but sometimes necessary. When I took him to Day Out this morning it was a ball fest. Not in the round and bouncy sort of way but in the tear laden, red faced way. I explained to his teacher what happened and she said that it was Ok and that they would make sure Gryffin was comforted throughout the day. God bless them.
I have a bazillion loads of laundry to do today. Its $10 off day at the grocery but I couldn't come up with the required amount of minimum purchase that we needed. I may still go tonight, but most likely tomorrow when there won't be anyone there. Right now, I'm going to finish off the coffee, take some headache medicine and put some laundry in.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about Java. It is such a difficult thing to do; we just had our Sadie Belle put down this summer for some of the same reasons and her age/athritis...I cried for days. I sure understand how you are feeling. Hope this helps :)---Connie

beqi said...

I'm glad I could be of some comfort for you. We were thinking about you yesterday. When we lost my best dog ever in my teens, it made me as sad as if I'd lost a family member. Maybe more, considering my family.

I'll never turn my back on a friend in tears. It's much harder to get rid of me than that. ;)