Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving is next week, just a reminder for any of you who have had your head in the sand. This year its at my MIL's so my preparations are minimal. Of course, I won't know what she needs me to bring until Wednesday night. Thats how she rolls, late. I love her though. Any woman willing to host a bazillion people for Thanksgiving and working 12-16 hour shift the day before and after is amazing.
Tomorrow we are having Mike's old boss and his family over, along with his Dad if he can make it for the Ohio State/Michigan game. Oh yeah, and Chris too! Then after we kick them out we are heading to Robin's house to further stretch our tummies at a Thanksgiving warm-up dinner. Basically, its a Thanksgiving for the family we chose. There will be no turkey on the menu as none of us want to OD on tryptophan this week. I am taking White Castle stuffing because there is nothing better than a bunch of tipsy farters eating themselves into misery. Good thing none of us smoke, open flame would be bad.

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