Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lung cookies anyone?

Cough, hack. I hate being- hack, hack, cough- sick. Gryffin and I spent most of today snuggling on the couch in jammies because neither one of us felt like doing much else. By tonight he was almost back to himself. Me? My throat feels like I had a chili pepper smoothie with a smoldering charcoal chaser and there are pebbles lodged in my lungs.
I was supposed to go shopping with my MIL tomorrow but when I called her and had to tell her who I was she understood that I wouldn't be up for a play day. Besides, we have no food. I don't mean we are low on milk and eggs, I mean unless you want a can of sour kraut and some jelly you are out of luck.


Jill S. Wilson said...

You too?? Ugh. I'm sorry. The 3 of us are fairly miserable, too.

beqi said...

Wow. We got over ours for the most part (although I'm sure that statement just jinxed me), but the little one is fighting a temperature and bout of crabby-assedness tonight, so apparentally it's going around.