Monday, March 05, 2007

THE most pathetic thing EVER

Yesterday after Gryffin woke from his nap we bundled him up, strapped him in and headed to the toy store. YEAH! We took him out of the car and on the way in he damanded that I hold him, so I did. We walked in and blaaaaaack! He threw up all over him and me and the floor. We rushed him out and I stood on the sidewalk with him waiting while Mike told someone there was a cleanup on isle 1 and to grab some napkins from the car. He puked again. He was crying and puking and all upset. I tried to calm him down as best I could but nothing was working. I didn't know if he was crying because he was sick or because he didn't get to look at the toys. Either way, they are valid reasons. We cleaned him (and I) up as best we could and rushed home where clothes were changed and he napped on the couch while Mike watched the Suns beat the Lakers. He was mad, but I bet my Dad was happy. No more barfing but the little guy is running a fever. But nothing is stopping him from playing so he must not be too bad off.

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cdorsey said...

Ain't mommyhood grand!! :)