Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Things I now appreciate-

Having a garage so I don't have to scrape snow and ice even though my Jeep barely fits in it.
Having a home that is the nicest one I've ever lived in even though it has bad floors.
Having a house that is too small so the love doesn't have to travel far.
Having Mojo and Java (our dogs) even though they shed, slobber and muck up my floors.
Having toys strewn everywhere so that I know my son is playing.
Having to change poopy diapers because at least they aren't diarhea diapers.
Having to hear my husband snore so that I know he is safe at home.
Having to do laundry everday so we can have nice, clean clothes to wear.
Having older vehicles but at least I know they are reliable.
Having a husband who doesn't mind walking into chaos after a hard days work because he understands that Gryffin comes before cleaning and cooking dinner.
Having a family even though they are the strangest bunch of crazies I've ever met but they love me unconditionaly and sometimes inspite of myself.
Having a huge power bill because it lets me know I have a working furnace and air conditioner.
Having a big back yard even though it takes Mike a full day to do all the yard work so Gryffin can run and play on his swingset.

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