Friday, March 09, 2007

Another miracle...Wow!

This week Mike took my Jeep to the shop because the brakes felt funny. I was sure I needed new ones and possibly even new rotors because they squeaked. Preparing for a $300 bill, Mike called me to say that the bill was around $16. SIXTEEN DOLLARS! The shop didn't find ANYTHING wrong with them. They did make a small adjustment to the rear ones but other than that they were fine. A shop that is honest? No way. Holy crap folks, I am so blessed. Thanks to the Big Guy upstairs.
And if you live in the St Louis area, take your car to Terpin's- they are awesome!

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cdorsey said...

I had an opposite story. I took my truck in when I broke down hoping it would be less than $1,500.00....the quote was $2,500.00!!!!! OUCH! Maybe I should drive from Texas to Missouri to get my vehicles worked on!