Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ebola and the Energizer Bunny...

So last week was close to 80, this weekend snow. What the @%*$?! Our house is down with the Ebola virus, or maybe just what feels like it. All these changes in weather won't kill off these viruses and make my allergies go nuts! Like I need anything more about me going nuts! But all this sickness has accomplished something, I've lost more weight. So much so that the jeans I got back from the tailor Tuesday are too big again. Oh man, when I first tried them on they fit like a glove and made my tushy look great! Now, I'm saggy in the butt and need a belt. I've never been saggy in the butt and I don't like it.
Despite Mike and I knowing better, we went to a birthday party for a friend turning 30. We only stayed about an hour before having to excuse ourselves and speed home. But, at least, Grandma Dianne wasn't put off by keeping a pukey slush butt of a kid overnight. It's nice having a mother-in-law who's a nurse. After being thrown up on the past few nights I need a break. What is so weird is that before you even get a chance to clean him up he's wanting to run around and play. I tell you, nothing stops this kid!
Its eight o'clock on a Saturday night and we are sitting home like a couple of incontinent old fuddies afraid to get too far from the throne. Next, I'll be doing the crosswords and reading romance novels while Mike, well Mike, keeps doing what he's doing, reading a book while watching basketball. Hey, at least he's got the head of grey hair to justify it!

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cdorsey said...

What a great Saturday night. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon.