Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gryffin has officially graduated.

He has been bumped up to the big boy class of 2-3 year olds. Previously he was in the 1-2. As I'm sure you are aware there is a BIG difference between 1 and 2. I think his late onset of separation anxiety was a result of him being in a class where he just didn't fit in. He wasn't challenged by it and the kids really didn't play together.
When I took him this morning he didn't scream or put me in a choke hold. He looked around at the new classroom and then headed to the gym. His bottom lip quivered slightly but quickly vanished after he saw all the 'bikes', to him thats anything you can ride on. When I picked him up this afternoon he was sitting in the playhouse chillin' with his buds. Apparently he has made a friend because they were sitting there with an arm draped over the other's shoulders and talking in only a language a toddler can understand. He just didn't want to leave, but finally agreed when I told him that we had to get home before Daddy so he wouldn't be scared. A PB&J with some Goldfish and the kid was happy. Yup, he is his father's child.

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