Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Easter time again. I wasn't planning on getting Gryffin's picture today when we went to the mall but kind of had too when he took off running to the Easter Bunny and jumped in his lap. It was fine though. Gryffin had a good time with it and the Bunny was left with a dry lap. They gave him these really cute paper ears to wear on this head. He luuuuved those, mostly when they would fall off and he would scream at the top of his lungs for them. Yeah, that only happed 3or 8 dozen times. I lost track along the way. After the shopping was done, more like after Mommy was exhausted, he wanted to ride the train on the way out. Ok, cool. He had never done that before and he had been as good as a two year old can be when he's about 3 hours late for his nap. He climbed in, rang the bell and was all happy smiley, until the train started to move. He started crying the 'I'm not going to breath until you make it stop' cry. The conductor stopped the train and Grandma Dianne hopped in the car with him. Now mind you, this is a child size train so Grandma didn't fit real well, but she would do anything for him. That calmed him down and after a couple times around the track he began to enjoy it. Right now, he is sleeping off the experience- Thank You God! I'm inventorying all the clothes we, scratch that, Grandma bought him. Not to mention all the toys he suckered her out of too. Little devil.

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