Friday, March 09, 2007

Thanks Uncle Sam

Well, I don't have to worry with being audited this year, my biggest fear. We received both state and federal returns this week. We are once again a debt free family. Except for the house of course. No more hospital griping about how much I send them, no more credit card or payments on mattress hanging over my head. I think I've grown two inches just by paying off bills! Heck, there might even be enough to take Gryffin to the St Louis Zoo (its free by the way). That is ok because as long as it was enough to pay stuff off, I'm happy. Extatic even.
I hope the accusatory Uncle was nice to all of you too. Now I think I will point my finger back and say Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Congrat's! That's FANTASTIC!

cdorsey said...

YAHOOOOO!!!!! I'm next in line...we're still waiting on a W-2...yes, yes I know. THEY WERE DUE IN JANUARY!!! Go figure...