Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The return of Fat Naked Guy

Tonight we enjoyed a nice dinner. Mike had chicken & dumplings with carrots and green beans. I had salisbury steak with the same veggies and Gryffin had a little of both. You guessed it, we walked up to the little Mom & Pop grocery store with the hot deli in the back. Its a life saver! Anyway I digress. We enjoyed a nice dinner right up until Mike said "Turn around, Honey" I did and I did regret it. Fat Naked Guy was walking his dog sans beer. Must be right before government payday. The best thing about it turning cold is that Fat Naked Guy will wear a shirt once in a while. Now that its warm, well we are lucky when he wears shorts that cover the neccesities. He is usually seen walking his dog on a tow chain instead of a leash, stumbling along as he drinks his beer and letting his Dunlaps Disease make us all feel ill. One of these days I will have to snap his picture, it would be great for anyone dieting. No one in their right mind would want to eat after seeing it.

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