Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hard working husband...

Here I sit after putting my son down for his morning nap to check my email. What should appear? An email from my husband- from work! No he didn't get a promotion, no he didn't get a raise. This was even bigger news (for him anyway). Two- yes two- new disk golf courses opening this weekend. I'm surprised he's not taking a 1/2 day vacation being that it is to hit 70 today.
What the heck is disk golf, you ask? It is golf for those short on income and long of hair, rather those who have a little hippy living inside. Basically the rules and scoring is the same as golf. Biggest difference is the equiptment. Instead of balls and clubs its frisbees. Personally, its just a good reason to take a walk through the woods.
I've played a few times. I suck. Mike is really good though. Of course, with arms like his he can throw a lot further than I can. Popeye would be jealous of his arms!
Many wives are golf widows come this time of year. I know my step sister in Arizona loses her husband to golf almost all year, then again the man works more jobs at once than most have in a lifetime so he deserves it. But regular golf is expensive and time consuming. Disk golf is practically free and only takes a couple hours. And since there are no carts its great exercise. I will never discourage Mike from playing disk golf. Infact, I hope he plays often this year. Maybe even turn pro! Yes, there are professional disk golfers. Don't laugh- 'some people juggle geese!' (If you get that quote you're cooler than I thought)

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