Thursday, March 09, 2006

Don't stop me now!

Last night Gryffin took his first steps by himself. My heart jumped for joy and sank in sorrow. My little baby is becoming a big boy. He was so proud of himself and proceeded to stage an encore- a few of them. For the past couple of days he has been walking while holding on to my finger or hand, but I guess he won't be needing that much longer. At this rate, he and I will be jogging together next week! Not really- I don't jog.
Java, our youngest dog, loves it. He has been waiting since the day we brought Gryffin home to chase him around the house and yard. Java is very rambunctious but VERY gentle when it comes to children. Mojo, our old man, just runs for cover and wants to know when Gryffin will be moving out. No animosity, just ambivalence.
I really have to learn to savor every moment and achievement. Mike and I decided long ago 'One and done'. We are the oddity in our families, but then again we are the oddity in any group larger than well, us.
My little boy, I wish for you but one thing... grow up healthy and happy but never out grow the little boy that lives inside.

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Pam & Dave said...

Nanny will be so tickled to see him walking!! see you all soon.