Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Got milk?

No as a matter of fact I don't. I've heard horror stories of women who after weaning their kids could not stop producing milk. Me? It happened all of a sudden when I wasn't expecting it. I had planned on replacing one feeding a week with a sippee but it looks like cold turkey is our only option. The first night wasn't too bad. Gryffin slept about 5 hours straight before waking every hour cranky. Last night, no such luck. Every hour, all night, crying and screaming. I tried everything I could think of... giving him a sippee in the rocker, in my bed, in his bed, on my lap, etc. I finally had to just let him cry himself to sleep with the sippee in his crib. This produced one cranky, sleepy kid and mommy today. Lets just say that he is still young enough to be grumpy AND cute. I past that benchmark decades ago (sorry Mike).
The weather today is stormy, rainy, muddy, yuckiness so I'm going to take that as God's way of saying "Stay home and nap". Napping is an art form I have yet to master but with anything practice makes perfect. And if I'm not able to nap- at least I was able to get 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' DVD yesterday!

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