Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If this doesn't spur some comments, I don't know what will!

Get ready... I hope you have your BS detector ready, the Commander & Chief is giving a news conference. I swear, every time he opens his mouth gas prices go up and his approval rating goes down. Yes, we all get it Mr President. Your goal is world domination and the conversion of all those Pagans. Democracy for all as long as its your definition of democracy. Go and 'improve' Iraq while our own country falls into disrepair. Build a new government on foreign shores because your own is crumbling. Heal and care for the wounded citizens of Iraq but desert your own soldiers when they return home. Make life safer and better for the Iraqis while taking away the safties and benefits to our veterans. Yes, we all get it Mr President. We all get to pay for it.

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Anonymous said...

Let me see now, from whom would you most likely expect to hear a comment from about such a topic? chuckle
I'm sorry to report that in many ways I AGREE ! SHOCK
I'm afraid the George W. has let some of us down- come to think of it about all of us NOT in the oil business.