Monday, March 13, 2006

for the love of dyson

A couple years ago my husband bought me a Christmas present that he wasn't sure if I would love or hate. You see, it was a vacuum cleaner. Not the most romantic gift, some women would probably hit their husbands over the head with it. Not me! This wasn't just a vacuum cleaner. This was the Lexus of vacuum cleaners... the Dyson Animal. Its the giant purple dust bunny eater! This thing could suck up a small country. Having two Syberian Huskies is hard on a vacuum, we averaged about one a year and for the last 4 months it would work very well.
Granted the Dyson Animal isn't cheap, I've bought cars for less. However, its worth it! This thing has lasted two years and works just as good as the day I took it out of the box. (Yes, I spent that Christmas morning vacuuming the whole house!)
This weekend I used it to vacuum out the Jeep, which hadn't been done in almost a year! It looks like new. Today I did the Dust Bunny Wrangle and vacuumed our 4 year old $25 rugs. Now they look (almost) new and the dust bunnies are no longer trying to unionize to get health care.
Ok, Ok enough of sales pitch, unless Dyson is going to give me commission anyway. I just wanted to AGAIN thank my hubby and tell him that appliances are good gifts as long as it wasn't a choice between a blender or diamond earrings.
PS- I already have a blender, hee hee hee

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