Sunday, March 05, 2006

We clean up pretty good...

Last night was a success.
Along with our friend Chris we started the night at the Broadway Oyster Bar for a little red beans and rice and alligator. Yes, alligator! The food was great as well as the music. Then again any band that has a standing bass, mandolin, washboard and kazoo can't be too bad. It was a good mix of blues, blue grass and country (when country was still good). From there we headed to the boat. The Casino Queen to be exact. Nothing like a casino on a Saturday night. Looking at all those desperate faces makes you realize how lucky you really are! Its quite a sight to see all those sweat pant clad, mullet wearing, B.O. stinking people packed so tight at the quarter slots that they are all smoking the same cigarette. Lady Luck shined on Chris- she only smirked at us. From there we headed to Big Daddy's. We knew right away from the thump-thump music that it wasn't going to be our scene but it brought back memories of our 20something years. After all of these adventures we were still home before we turned back into pumpkins and mice. The best part of the whole night was being greeted by a sleepy eyed little boy!

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Dad said...

Sounds like just what you needed! Well maybe except for the thump thump stuff chuckle
Great Picture- great material !