Monday, March 27, 2006

The Compact...

I've been hearing quite a bit about a group called "The Compact". This group is dedicated to not buying anything new, except food, gas & toiletries, for one year. This means no clothes or DVD's, video games or nonessecial items. Now, buying those things is not off limits as long as they are used. This group also does not, when possible, support large chains- Target, Walmart, etc. Pretty cool concept. I am a firm believer in supporting the 'little guy' and treating Mother Earth with respect. Our 'throw away' consumerist society is killing Her. Recycle, reuse and reinvent. Now that the weather is beginning to turn I am going back to the Soulard Farmer's Market.
Don't worry I'm not going all gung-ho and preachy on you. I won't become Granola Girl- did that during the 90's Neo-hippy movement. I still have my tie dye and Greatful Dead albums but if I quit shaving my husband would not be too happy. However, I do resolve to spend less, use less and enjoy more.

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