Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas is coming and I can't stop it!

Three days in and not enough to show for it. I started knitting a scarflette for a friend's Christmas present but didn't like the colors, so I pulled it all out and started over last night. Now I know black does not go with EVERYTHING. Oh well, solid colors are OK too, I guess.
So far I've got one full size scarf, two circle scarves and two scarflettes done, with the exception of blocking. I have my nephews and niece bought for, Gryffin's gifts are done, Mike is almost done and everyone else gets handmade. Plus, I picked up some flannel to make us all matching jammy pants for Christmas morning. Aaaawwwwwwe. I would love to make a new tree skirt and try my hand at stockings but let's face it, I got enough left to do.
I guess that means that I should probably get off my rear and get to getting... there's also a laundry monster that needs to be slayed today.

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Ladybug said...

You go girl! ;)

You're slightly ahead of me with getting all things Christmas-y done.

I need to sit & make a list of all the baked goodies that I am going to make & how many of each kind I'm giving to everyone, too. Baby steps.. then I won't overwhelm myself! ;)