Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor (With Their Weight In Toys)

We are NEVER moving. Not only do we have great neighbors that we like, but they like Gryffin. Boy, do they like Gryffin. On a night when its raining slush and ice they come bearing gifts for him. Sarah and Paul got him the most adorable super hero costume, complete with cape, mask and wrist guards. The kid tore into it and put it on immediately. He's only had it off long enough to scarf down some dinner before returning to it. Then, 'What the hell', then... Dennis arrives with an entire garbage bag stuffed with presents for him. There was a Black Spiderman and Batman sword from his parents, Denny & Rose and three, count them- THREE different Batman's from Dennis & Lee.
Not to mention that Sarah & Paul gave Mike & I a big ol' bag of booty enhancers, aka: yummy treats and Denny, Rose, Dennis & Lee gave us a big box of cheese & sausage.
I think the only reason we would ever move now is to stalk, I mean follow these lovely people to wherever it is they try to run away from us to.
A deep, heartfelt thank you to all of you. You rock! Even though you never leave a comment on this blog, you trolls.


Mike said...

To anyone not lucky enough to live in a neighborhood like ours, I wish you could.

To those who are lucky enough, count your blessings.

To those who make up this neighborhood, thank you and Merry Christmas.

Sarah said...

You guys are the sweetest! Despite the little "projects" we continuously find in this house, we wouldn't trade our neighbors for anything! Thanks for making this such a great neighborhood! :o) Happy New Year!

beqi said...

I'm jealous. We haven't had close neighbours since our apartment living. Guess we'll have to borrow yours. :)