Monday, December 08, 2008


Every night I thank God for giving me such a wonder life with Mike and Gryffin, but so far I've neglected to thank them.

Thank you Mike for giving me a life better than I ever thought I could have. Thank you for loving me in spite of me, for taking my faults and neuroses in stride. Thank you for giving me the encouragement to make my own way in the world and thank you for being there when it led straight back to you. Thank you for supporting me and comforting me. Thank you for being you.

Thank you Gryffin for making me laugh, cry and smile all at the same time. Thank you for making me look forward to waking up (and going to bed). Thank you for being so smart that you keep me on my toes and being so silly you knock me off my feet. Thank you for being you.

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beqi said...

Awwww, made me tear up a little.