Monday, November 24, 2008

Santa vs Sensei

We are those rotten parents that threaten to tell Santa when Gryffin doesn't behave. Hey, it works and we know that it won't for much longer. Now we have a new VIP to use which will last much longer and year round. Sensei.
Gryffin is dying to take karate, or kung fu as he calls it. We took him to watch a class of 3-7 year olds at a local dojo. That was a mistake. All the kid wanted to do was don a ghi and jump right in. Mike and I were there to see if we liked the Sensei. I don't think it will be the dojo Gyrffin goes to but next time it will be only one of us going to check it out. The really good thing about taking Gryffin was the fact that he witnessed the respect that Sensei demanded. He took that very seriously. Now when he does something he shouldn't we just tell him that Sensei would not approve and neither do we. It usually whips him to attention.
Some might think 3 is way too young for a kid to take martial arts, but what they learn at that stage is how not to hurt themselves or others and respect is key. What kid shouldn't learn that at 3? Besides, with the winter setting in the kid has got to get exercise other than running laps in the house.

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Let the boy-fu begin!