Friday, December 19, 2008

"What the hell?"

Last night was Gryffin's Christmas program at Day Out. As usual, the children were much better behaved than most of the adults. Gryffin actually sang without throwing super hero punches at the crowd; although, a few times it did look like he was flashing gang signs. In between the songs he would cup his mouth with his hands and scream, "Clap Grandma!"
After the theatrical production there was a sugar coma buffet. Beqi and I scoped it out and snatched treats for us and the kiddies. Then there was Santa's arrival! Gryffin and Mike waited in line to see to him patiently. I couldn't believe it but Gryffin even sat on Santa's lap. You see, Mike had made him a little paranoid about it because he told Gryffin that Santa wouldn't like it if he got tooted (farted) on. Anyway, Gryffin and Santa had a lovely conversation which ended with Santa telling Gryffin to look under the Christmas tree for his gifts.
As soon as we got home Gryffin rushed into the house, looked at his little Christmas tree and proclaimed, "What the hell?! There's no presents!" He then proceeded to start to cry. I tried to calm him down but I was laughing way too hard. Between Mike, Dianne and me we did get him calmed down and reminded that Christmas wasn't here yet.
Come Christmas morning I think the kid is going to jump out of his skin with the realization the waiting is over. Then he will melt into disappointment to realize that it's only ONE day.

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beqi the physically intimidating said...

OMG, Gryffin ROCKS.

I'll have to show you our shaky-cam video. It'll give you a seizure faster than Dennis's lights.