Friday, December 12, 2008

Just can't keep it up anymore

Y'all know I have an infamous 'food blog', right? Well, I'm just not posting to it as much as I would like. Why? Because I'm: A. Lazy, B. Time Constricted, C. Photographically Inconsistent. That is why I have decided to merge the personal with the passion.
That's right folks, from now on you will be getting my wonderific foody goodness right here. No longer will you have to make that extra click. Consider it an early Christmas present.

(Gee, I hope no one gets offended.)


Jenny said...

Great idea. I can't wait to see more food goodness.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a delicious solution - now you can share having good taste with tasting things good.

beqi said...

Nobody important will get offended. Just the batshit loony ones, and who the hell cares about them?