Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When life throws you lemons...

Lace them with explosives and throw them back. At least, that's how I feel today.
We got really bad news last night. Don't worry, we are all still healthy. It's just news regarding the sale (or lack thereof) of our old house. We were 10 days away from closing when the whole thing fell in the toilet. I don't blame anyone. I'm not angry at anyone. We just have to start from scratch, take the house off the market for awhile and find a way to come up with a new roof that we are bound to lose money on. I guess its better to limit our loss, or at least try to than gamble an unknown amount.
Y'all know, I don't have good luck with contractors so wish me some. I have to schedule a bunch of estimates today. I hate dealing with contractors (shysters). Oh well, nothing I can't handle.


Ruth said...

Seems today is a sour citrus day for more than just our household!

Sorry that things feel through on the house deal.. I know how excited you guys were about getting that weight off your shoulders.

We'll keep praying for your situation with the house & all the wonderful contractors, too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww. That's too bad. (I wish we were in the market for a house.)