Saturday, April 19, 2008

Semi-sober cooking with Sandra Lush

What happens when you start to make the icing for your son's birthday cupcakes at 9pm the night before? Let's just say, it ain't pretty.
I made butter cream frosting. It looked at tasted like butter, but not good butter.
Now I'm on to cream cheese frosting. I really hope I don't screw it up too.
I went and checked Food TV online for quick frosting recipes and was aghast at the results. Almost all of them that came up were from Sandra Lee. SANDRA LEE people! If all it takes is to open a box, can or jar to get your own show- sign me up! I can easily fake cook, decorate a table and make drinks even a desperate alcoholic wouldn't touch because they were too froo-froo. I was looking for icing recipes and they listed canned icing as an INGREDIENT!
Now maybe its just because its past my bedtime, I'm PMS-ing and didn't get a nap but when making icing, canned icing should be nowhere in the recipe. Enough bitching, I'm pouring a glass of wine and diving into making the cream cheese frosting. Then its on to royal icing for the decorating which I've so wisely chosen to do in the morning (after coffee).


I love icing said...

Canned icing is but a pale, lifeless imitation of the illustrious original. Bah!

Courtney Watson said...

If icing is an ingredient, then I am a five star chef! Hope Gryffin's bday was wonderful! We are singing the spidey song for him today. (: