Monday, April 07, 2008

Put your thinking cap on!

As any of my loyal readers know, I've delved into bag/purse making. Only some of you are aware that I (along with my friend will be hawking my wares at Gypsy Caravan
Since I plan on opening an Etsy shop with any unsold or future makings, I need a name!
I thought I would take a page from a friend's site, and make it a contest. Here are the rules. Sorry, but there has to be rules.
1. You must submit the name for my future multi-hundred dollar company in the comments field of this blog entry, along with your name.
2. The name must be something original and untrademarked, duh.
3. The name must be short, sweet and to the point (unlike myself)
4. All entries must be submitted no later than midnight this Friday ( April 11th ) and my decision will be posted next week.
If I choose your entry, you will win....
Most likely a purse or bag. But you probably already had guessed that, huh?
Dust off those grey cells and get that hamster a running!


Courtney Watson said...

This is awesome! I'm working on a name, now!!

Spousal Unit said...

Sagging Sacks?

SAHM I am said...

Spousal Unit loses. Big time.

beqi said...

The ones that seem to work on Etsy are catchy without being cliche, often with nature-related themes. If you can get people's interest with the name itself, you might not even have to put "purses" or "bags" at the end. Also good are names that lend themselves to visual logos.

I know you'll hate this one, but "redbird" would probably work.

Off the top of my head,

Redhead Purses
baguette (probably already taken, but whatever)
birdsong bags
Saucy Redhead
Little Bird Bags

That's all I got so far. Of course, this is from someone who just named her company after herself.