Friday, April 11, 2008


Made 5 yesterday. This pattern is pretty simple and straight forward so I could crank them out like an assembly line. I love the one in front. Its a brown micro-suede, the pattern is embroidered on. All have bamboo handles and are fully lined.
Last night I started on a doll for a birthday present to a one year old. I haven't made dolls in eons so this is a real test of my memory. The dress is what is really throwing me off. I don't sew clothes, never have and after this never will. After I make the dress and sew on the hair she will be done. I'll post a pic of her soon.
So its time to post that great name that I know all of you have been racking your brain over all week. Come on Peeps- I need a name for my company!


beqi said...

Actually, bag-a-go-go is pretty good. Did you see my suggestions? I left them as comments.

Courtney Watson said...

I agree with Beqi- Bag-a-go-go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin-- I am so inspired by everything you are doing!! OK-- here's my suggestion--it popped into my head when I read your blog--- Rockin' Robin-- I really like bag-a-go-go too!! Best wishes!!!--Connie