Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Zapata's is zsa' poo poo

Tonight we went back to Zapata's Mexican Restaurant. We figured we hadn't been there for a couple years and it deserved another chance. The last time it wasn't the food that was horrid, it was the service. This time the service was much better and the food horrid. When the only difference between a burrito and an enchilada is a corn tortilla you know the cook ain't Mexican. The meat was really bland, the sauce was the same on both and definitely from a can. They didn't even have the decency to add more seasoning. Their chili dip was just that, chili- again from a can. Tasted a lot like the canned chili I buy Mike to take to work. That isn't a good thing. Gryffin only ate his fries and the tortilla from his taco. After tasting the meat, I understood why. It didn't have the texture of ground beef, more like grits cooked in beef broth. And bland, bland, bland. Everything was bland. It was Mexican food for the elderly. I will say one thing though, the chips and salsa were pretty good.


Robin Up the Street said...

We went there shortly after we moved. Sucked. Margarita's downtown is somewhat better, but I'm really missing the good, authentic Mexican food from my old neighborhood. Mind you, it's the only thing I miss from there.

Jennifer said...

You should try Ramon's in Collinsville if you haven't already. It was there that I discovered that I like guacamole, who knew?