Monday, September 03, 2007

Don't come a knockin' if the Country Clubs a rockin'

Last night the country club about a mile away put on a concert outside. No big deal, you say? Oh it was at our house. At first we thought Drunk Naked Guy had his radio cranked, that was the DJ. After that bit of annoyance there were two bands. Loud cover bands. Now I'm not going to rip cover bands, they are a true form of fandom; however, I will rip a cover band that plays a decent version of The Beatles, 'All You Need Is Love', only to follow it with a crap country song and some Jimmy Buffet. It literally sounded like these bands were in our back yard. Mike couldn't hear the TV, I couldn't sleep or concentrate to read and even closing the doors and windows didn't help it was so loud. About 11 pm I was so pissed I called the cops only to learn that the country club had a permit for this until midnight. MIDNIGHT! ON A SUNDAY! I went back to bed and fumed. I had finally fallen asleep about 12:30 and at 1:45 Gryffin woke up in a pee soaked bed. It was a long night, an even longer day today.
It seems the talk of the neighborhood today is this concert. No one was happy about it. Who can blame them, we had to listen to it but wouldn't have been allowed to see it because it wasn't open to the public. That's it, I'm not joining that country club no matter what! Besides I think the facts that I'm poor, I don't play golf and I prefer the company of real people would disqualify me anyway.

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