Monday, September 24, 2007

A family that inks together stinks together!

We all got Batman tattoos Saturday. Don't worry they're temporary, although I have a feeling Mike would love to make his permanent. Aside from the deer caught in the headlights look on my face this picture is a pretty good summary of our weekend.
After getting inked up we headed out to an art show where my friend Beqi, was and exhibitor. I picked through her wares like a ravenous wolf. I bought a really pretty top, necklace and a hairpin. The hairpin is a pirate hat with a Jolly Roger on it, you are so jealous. We also picked up a couple of other items which I can't say because one is a gift for one of my loyal readers. Strange Folk Art Show had a much different feel than most, scratch that, all of the other shows in this area. It lacked the super high price tags, the snooty old women in their butch haircuts and 'art show' jewelry. It blared, sometimes too loudly, good music and offered everything from pottery and T-shirts to fresh from the alpaca yarn. It was a good mix of hippies and technicolored freaks. The organizers were brilliant enough to host in a park with a playground. With the reward for good behavior of playing on the playground, Gryffin behaved awesomely. For three hours he terrorized that playground equipment, which was fine with Mike and I because: A. he was playing nicely with the other children, B. he was burning off his endless supply of energy and C. we got to eat some really great gyros while watching him and snapping and endless array of pictures.
Yesterday was more laid back. We took Gryffin for doughnuts where he thoroughly charmed the waitress and a few patrons and made several people laugh when he kept putting 'pretend' turtles in Mike's coffee. After that we ran some errands and came home for nap time.
My mood has been better and I am thankful of that, but I still feel that little depression monster trying to push his way out. Hopefully I will keep him at bay and beat him like a dirty rug.

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Ruth said...

Yeah! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend as a family! :) Keep your chin up & know that you're being prayed for. I, too, am trying to beat down depression like a dirty rug... somedays that is easier said than done though.