Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Drumming to a different beat.

I did it, at least I think I did. I don't remember bitching about anything so I'll call it success.
Can't say I have anything to complain about today either. Especially since Gryffin slept through the night last night. YEAH!!! I woke up several times thinking that I heard him out of bed but alas it was not so. I even got up once only to find Java wandering about.
Today I am tackling the laundry pile. At least its a clean one. I don't know what it is about laundry that I find so challenging. Maybe remembering to put it in the dryer, or take it out, or fold it, or put it away. Yeah, I think that might be it. I know people who find doing laundry therapeutic. I envy those crazy broads. The only thing I find therapeutic these days are hot bubble baths, books and big glasses of wine. Luckily Mike lets me get therapy almost every night.
Just so others might appreciate the joys of my son, here is a video of one of his talents. (Plug your ears)

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Ruth said...

Rock on, Gryffin!! :) Gideon enjoyed watching his little percussion video this morning.