Monday, May 15, 2006

Weather made for Prozac...

Rainy, cold and a Monday. Its enough to send anyone over the edge of happy and into the abyss of grumpy. And when you wake up to cranky kid and a pile of dog poop on the dining room rug you REALLY lose the urge to smile. Luckily the dining room is cleaned up and the kid is happy again. Now if it would just warm up a little. I don't mind the rain, except when its combined with cold. Kind of like how I like Sour Cream and Onion Chips and ice cream, two great tastes that don't taste good together.
Mother's Day was wonderful! Mike woke up early and took Gryffin and I to breakfast. We hadn't been out to breakfast since I was pregnant. Then we came home and just lounged around until Gryffin woke up from his nap. We visited Mike's Mom at work to deliver her Mom's Day card and then off to an art show where we sat in the car and watched the rain. It was one of those conceptual art pieces that no one can really figure out. Nah, we didn't even make it into the show before we decided to come home. But I did get to take a nap instead. Can't beat that! To finish it all off, Mike fixed dinner for me and the Grandparents. He even cleaned up the kitchen and gave Gryffin his bath. Thanks, Mike- you are the greatest!

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