Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One for the record books...

Today Gryffin and I got going early for his 8 am Dr appointment. We got there and didn't have to wait but 5 minutes before being called in. The nurse checked his heart and his weight and then looked at his chart.
With a puzzled look she asked, "Is he not feeling well?".
"No", I said, "He's just fine".
She looked at the chart again, "Why are you here then?".
"This was the appointment they set up for him three weeks ago when he got his shots. Why, is there a problem?".
"For some reason the doctor wrote down 'Follow up in three weeks', when it should've been three months."
Great, I thought. I'm here for nothing and now I have to pay a copay.
She left and got the doctor and to my surprise he came in and announced that it was his mistake. Yes, a doctor admitted he made a mistake! Then he also said that I would not be charged for the visit. Now I may need a doctor because I think I feel faint!
I have no trust in doctors and find very few that I don't want to slap, but this one is Ok. He's not a pill pusher and finally realized that I want a chiropractor instead of a physical therapist. I think I'll keep him around for a while, or at least until he ticks me off. Of course, I have to see him Friday for my appointment and since he will be taking a scapel too me that might just do it. Lets just hope he hasn't had too much coffee that morning.

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