Friday, May 12, 2006

Its Friday!

I'm entertaining this weekend. Well, I'm entertaining every weekend but this weekend I get to entertain with dinner and guests and what not. Yes, this means I've got to dig out from the dog hair. Not an easy thing to do this time of year. I love my dogs, I'd love them more if they didn't didn't shed so much.
This weekend also kicks off the start of Art Show Season. Mike and I love to go to art shows and rub elbows with the rich and snooty. It makes us realize that money doesn't cure ugly or rude, but it can fill your house with pretty and breakable. In past we have purchased pieces, but with little hands getting handsier I think we will refrain this year.
Sunday I'm hoping it doesn't rain so we can go to Laumeier Park's Art Show. Its usually pretty good. The first time I went I took my muther. That was also the last time I took her. I know I should've taken it as a compliment and all but she loudly proclaimed infront of the artist, "You could better than this" and "That's awful". My face turned the same color as my hair. I don't like public humiliation, so I try not to take her anywhere anymore. She doles it out like pick-up lines at last call. I think the ultimate was at our wedding. She dyed her hair red so everyone would know she was the muther of the bride and proceeded to wear an outfit that made her look like an orange traffic cone. She would introduce herself and then turn and walk away before her victim could introduce themselves. Luckily, everyone there had been forwarned and found it pretty funny.

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