Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day....

It's Memorial Day and I really shouldn't be sitting infront of a computer. I have SOOOOOOO many things to do. Get Gryffin packed for a day at Grandma's. Get me packed for a day at Grandma's. Get food packed for a day at Grandma's. You get the idea.
Gryffin decided to wake up cranky. I think he must be teething again because this kid is never cranky unless hungry or tired.
Yesterday Mike was a sweetie and helped me get a head start on cleaning the basement and my glass studio. I am very excited about getting back into glass. Earlier in the weekend I finished up a butterfly suncatcher. I had most of the pieces cut out for about two and a half years and in about an hour it was done. My soldering needs work but with practice it will get much better.
Ok, enough goofing off and back to packing!
Have a great holiday!

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