Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This ain't your fore father's toilet paper...

So last night I stayed up late to watch TV, something I never do. I wanted to watch 'Texas Ranch House' on PBS. This is where they take modern day, a.k.a. couch potatoes, and throw them into living on a Texas ranch. Not bad, a little riding and roping, right? Uh yeah, riding and roping 1860's style. No electricity, no indoor plumbing, no deoderant! I've watched the other PBS specials, 'Colonial House' and 'Prairie House' and found them facsinating. Not just facsinating at how people lived and survived back then but how people have become so lazy, sedentary and whiney in today's world. Oh, you poor baby you have to drink a non-fat mochalattechino because they ran out of soy and you have to walk in the rain from a parking spot 1/2 a block away! Imagine a world without cars, refridgeration or of all things toilet paper. Imagine having to cook your food over a fire and it taking several hours rather than a couple minutes in the nuker. Not a big stretch of the imagination for you Dad, I know. Think what it would be like to rely on a cow for your milk and a garden for vegetables or washing your clothes in a bucket or a stream. What about no Tylenol, no makeup, no mouthwash, no dishwasher, no soda or Taco Bell? Consider this, the average life span of a person in the 1860's was 40. And the leading cause of death was accidents such as falling off a horse.
Life today is crazy and complicated, life then was just crazy. I don't need complicated, but I do need indoor plumbing. Heck, even when we go camping I require a bathroom within walking distance. Maybe just trying to concentrate on living simply is enough to make you appreciate previous generations.

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