Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rock on, RHCP's!

Yes, no matter what the record companies (crooks) say... you CAN wear a CD out. Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'By The Way' is an awesome album. Mike and I refer to it as the Vermont CD. You see, I get extremely carsick and a few years back on our trip to New England 'By The Way' was in the CD player and I couldn't look away from the twisty roads long enough to change it without hurling violently. We listened to it as we crossed the whole state. It stayed in the Jeep so long that it is completely worn out and unlistenable. Good thing RHCP's came out with a new album this week! A double one at that. Can I just say that it is yet another masterpiece of music. The perfect combination of head flailing and kick back groove. Those aren't official music genres but now a days the labels make up their own so why can't I? It would be so much easier on the world if the big labels would have just two categories of music- Good and Good If You're Deaf.
Gryffin and I are gonna go Rock Out now. He is already doing his Chad Smith impersonation!

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