Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stop the ride, I'm getting off!

Last night I felt well enough to go out for Chinese food with the boys. We even did a little tie shopping for Mike afterward. I was a little woozy by the time we got home but I will take any improvement.
My MIL was telling me last night that an associate of hers at the hospital is registered in this inner ear stuff. Apparently there are exercises you can do to make it go away. She is going to see if this friend of hers can take a look at me.
I gave myself until today to wallow in my dizziness. Now, its time to get sh*t done! I've fallen behind on the housework and laundry, there is grocery shopping and a Sam's run to make. I really want to pick up some fabric I liked for kitchen curtains.
On a different note: we were to have a Mardi Gras party but I think there have just been too many signs that it shouldn't happen, scheduling conflicts, illness, the price of cheap beads no longer being cheap, etc. I hate to disappont those of you who might have been looking forward to it but as you know, Mike and I throw parties on a regular basis so just consider it postponed. Maybe instead we will have a Valentine's Day Sucks party, or a President's Day Dress As Your Favorite Politician party, how about a Wino & Cheez Party?

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