Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Been awhile.

Yesterday I learned how to knit in the round from my dear friend, Robin. We are knitting preemie hats to be donated to a hospital in memory of one of her friends. As you can see, I'm on my third and find them enjoyable as well as frustrating. But hey, that keeps things interesting, right?


Anonymous said...

That's looks fun and for a good cause.

Ruth said...

The preemie hats are adorable! What a cool way to honor the memory of a friend. When Elsie Rose was born, she received a beautiful lavendar knit cap like the ones that you are making. What a precious keepsake.

Anonymous said...

Looin Good! Not that I'm a judge of such things but as yo already know I DO have an opinion MOST of the time (chuckle)
Good to hear from you on this media - thought maybe you were not doing well???

Anonymous said...

insert "K" between o and i
thank you

Robin Up the Street said...

Knitting savant.