Friday, January 04, 2008

Knit and spit

As you all know, I've been bitten and smitten with the knitting phenomenon. In part because I have so many creative friends it makes me want to thank God and barf at the same time and also because my main creative outlet of stained glass is still impossible at the moment. Someday my studio will get moved over here. So far I've only knitted a few scarves but it makes TV watching, especially sports much more tolerable. And it makes me feel less guilty about it because even while I'm couch tatering I'm being productive.
I started a couple scarves for some loved ones who shall remain unnamed, but they probably know who they are, and realized that knitting at 1 am is not condusive to error free knitting. No matter how much Johnny Cash and The Clash are playing on the MP3. I've finished one, its a lovely grey/blue chenille, the other a burgundy with eyelash trim fur in burgundy, beige and a butter yellow is almost done.
My next endeavor is a three dimensional one. A hat, for me. Its going to be in a brown, cream and black yarn to go with a black coat that has brown collar and cuffs. I'm getting adventurous, look out. Me trying new things can only mean one thing... Curse Words Galore. Maybe that will be my Bond Girl name.


beqi said...

We sooooo need a knitting/sewing Salon day. Pack the kids with the boys and sip Mimosas while we make items too beautiful to describe.

poppymom said...

I spent the last six hours knitting one of these:
Yay for multi-dimensional knitting!

You so need to get your butt over to

Jill said...

Mimosa sewing day. I'm so there!!