Friday, January 25, 2008

Slacker Tracker

I really need to invent a wrist band that emits an alarm whenever the wearer (me) is slacking off. Yesterday I realized that I have been falling short on my household duties. I can't remember the last time I actually cooked dinner, or dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed the tub, etc. My dear, wonderful husband has taken on the brunt of the work and really never even complained about it. This is just one reason why I will keep him around forever.
I had planned on rectifying this today but around 4 am Gryffin woke me up with a fever and proceeded to cover my right arm in vomit. He woke this morning feeling better but is still pretty lethargic and clingy. Gryffin always takes precedence over housework- and everything else.

Just to hold me accountable, here is what next week will look like:
Monday: One load of laundry (folded AND put away) before play date.
Tuesday: Day Out for Gryffin and for me either a marathon freezer cooking session or scouring the nasty out of the house.
Wednesday: More laundry and play with Gryffin day.
Thursday: Day out for Gryffin and errands for me, grocery shopping, Sam's, but NO Target. It's a wonderfully designed and tempting hell for the bank account.
Friday: Maybe meet my friends for coffee in the big city and let the kids trash the joint like rock stars. Not really, but I'm pretty sure at one point in their lives they will form a band.
Saturday and Sunday: Work on the house next door and spend quality time with my boys.


Robin Up the Street said...

There's a second bed in my hotel room, just in case you need to run away from home to gear up for Accountability Week.

I might be up for a freezing marathon on Tuesday. If I'm not in the funny farm by then, of course.

Hope Gryffin's feeling better.

beqi said...

I won't be freezing anything, except maybe Hell if I try to cook. But if I can crash the party with my laptop in tow, we can all get some work done together.