Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just one of those days!

Our credit card company called this morning to verify some charges on our account and guess what? We didn't make them! Holy crack weasels! Now they closed down our account, opened a new one and we won't get the new cards for 5-10 days. All this before my coffee too! I sure hope we don't need it before then. Ah well, I know everything will work out just fine. If not, I'm creating new identities for us and we are headed to the nearest country without extradition treaties. That was a joke, people. Mike does want to move to Canada but I'm not half polar bear like he is. Of course, yesterday he did call while walking from work to his truck (a good few blocks away) and told me it was FREEZING. For him to say its cold is something.
Yesterday I did get the taxes done. We aren't getting back what we did last year, but enough to cover what we need it to cover. I never realized that if your charitable donations are not a certain percentage of your AGI they won't do you a bit of good on your return. I've been an avid 'Offer-er' on and regularly called the Salvation Army for pickups because I loathe yard sales. They usually aren't worth standing outside for hours after hauling all the stuff out and then wondering if these people are just showing up to stake out our house for a burglary. Or maybe that's just my own paranoia. Anyway, I guess I'm just going to have to get back to Ebaying.

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