Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just call me Betty, Bargain Betty.

I hate to see when a bookstore is going out of business. But I LOVE to take advantage of it. After breakfast this morning I mentioned to Mike that (yet again) I was out of reading material. With an ice storm heading our way and likely power outages- that wasn't a good thing. We bundled up and headed to hell, a.k.a the mall. The B.Dalton there was going out of business and today was their last day. Everything in the joint was 50% off. I dove into the bargain bin like a kid in the ball pits of a Chucky Cheese. Usually, I never pay more than $6 for a hardcover book because I scrounge the bargains at the various book stores. Today, however, I bought 9 books for less than $30! Heck, if it looked half way interesting I bought it. That ought to get me through the weekend.
Side note to Dad- when I'm done with them you're library is gonna get hooked up!
Strolling through JC Penney's on the way out Mike spotted a sale on Columbia coats. We love Columbia- their stuff lasts forever. He tried a three in one coat on, it looked really good. We looked at the sale sign and saw that it was 70% off, which would make it about $60. He just didn't believe that was right so he took it to the counter and sure enough, the chick said it was $60! SOLD. We headed upstairs to look for one for me but apparently coats for women only come in 'Can't get lost in a snowstorm even if you tried' colors. I mean really people, are there those out there than feel comfortable walking around in a coat that makes them look like a giant killer lime? It was bust for me there but another stop at a store and I found one for the same price- not Columbia but still a three in one coat that is black and doesn't make my figure look like the Micheline Man's.
Home, a nap for both Gryffin and I, a football game for Mike and the world- at least our little corner of it- is very, very good.

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