Wednesday, January 24, 2007

To my anonymous friends...

First of all, thank you for reading. Its nice to know that people other than my family put up with my drivelle.
Second, I do not have anything against fat people. Yes, I am conscience of my own weight but mostly because I have watched family members and loved ones struggle against diabetes, cancer and heart disease. I constantly struggle to maintain my current weight not because I'm prejudice of larger sizes but because I have back problems that are intensified by my weight. I found this out the hard way when pregnant with my son. God gave us one body and referred to it as His temple. Should we not take care of it? Until science comes up with cheaper replacement parts that are easy to install I'm going to try and make mine run as good as I can. I know many people that are eat healthy and exercise but are still big. Unfortunately, they got the short end of the double helix. But they still try to maintain a level of good health.
So let me just just simplify my point...
Life is precious, why not treat it as such?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps your "annonymous" friends are really those closest to you and you just don't know it......*wink *wink