Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What is that annoying buzz?

Yet another visit from my muther last night. Oh, she didn't visit with me. She didn't even ask me how I was. When she arrived I was changing Gryffin's diaper, Mike got the door and in she came. Her first words were to Gryffin- just about her only words were to Gryffin. Don't get me wrong- I AM NOT COMPLAINING! This is how she has always been. She will call me on the phone ask me how I am and before I can utter a syllable she is ramming my ear full of how terrible her life is. Thats about the same time I start silently singing the theme song to 'Green Acres'.
So her latest 'Look at me' moment was telling me about HAVING to take one of her 60 year old friends to an amusement park soon. And how just because this 'old' friend of hers wasn't able to ride the rollercoasters didn't mean that she wasn't going to. But they were definately hitting the water park. Just what everyone wants to see- folks, that pruney skin is NOT from being in the water. Oh yeah, and did I mention my muther was born in 1943 so her 'old' friend is actually younger than she is. Muther has the maturity of a 6 year old and the common sense and wardrobe of a teenager. Can I just say that after she bent over in that low cut shirt last night I never want to eat flapjacks again- eeuooooo.

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Anonymous said...

Way too descriptive ! More that I wanted to know - chuckle - no LAUGH