Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sleeping Beauty can bite me...

Ok, so we finally broke down and bought a new mattress. Our old one is just a few years old and still in great shape but the back problems I have developed since getting pregnant have made it impossible for me to sleep on it.
We purchased a Tempur-Pedic. We got a great deal but still had sticker shock. The saleman threw in a couple free pillows, not becasue he was generous and kind but because we weren't going to buy the bed unless he did. Mike didn't think he would like the pillows because they are foam too and weigh a ton. They squish into just the shape you need and stay in that shape until you move. He did like it though and I love mine. The past couple days I haven't woke with any neck pain. I hope the pillows are an indication of how well the mattress is going to work for us. I REALLY want this mattress to work out.
So many people take sleeping for granted, at least people who don't have problems sleeping. Mike can (and has) slept through tornado sirens, earthquakes, smoke detectors, alarm clocks, etc. Me? I wake up when the AC kicks on, the AC -next door! I get a good nights sleep maybe once a month.
According to some sleep studies the Tempur-Pedic even helps with snorring. Not for me but Mike. As everyone knows women don't snore. Mike on the other hand... Honey- you snore like a lumberjack with a sinus infection! The walls rattle and the bed shakes with residual tremors. Ok, maybe that is an exageration. But I know his snorring has already diminished due to the amount of weight he has lost.
Speaking of... I was accused of no longer cooking for him by one of his coworkers yesterday because of his weight loss. Not hardly! I've always cooked healthy, low-fat with veggies and such. Mike has been on the 'My Kid Started Walking Diet'. So far its worked out pretty well for both of us! Monkey, I'm proud of you and you look GREAT!

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